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Customer Successes and Testimonials

Below are the latest driving test successes at Pass with Pete together with comments from my students. Pete has had lots of successful passes previously before he started Pass with Pete. 

Mike Fowler ADI

I've been working with Pete to pass the Part-3 Instructor test, and every training session we've had has been focused, productive, and fun.

Pete works alongside you to find out what you need from your training and helps you develop the skills needed for your success.

Pete will help you to maximise your abilities within what you know, and guide you to take responsibility of your own learning.

He is a fantastic trainer for whatever stage you are at and I couldn't recommend him more!

Thanks again Pete - I couldn't have done it without you

Mike Fowler ADI

Date added: 02 Nov 2014

Steph Rushworth

Congratulations to Steph for passing here theory test today 11 Oct.

Date added: 11 Oct 2014

Ben Claydon

A big WELL DONE to Ben Claydon for passing his driving test first time on 9 Oct at Failsworth test centre. Pete was really please for Ben as he has put in plenty of effort, including passing his theory only 6 days before. Like Ben get it right get a first time pass with Pete.

Date added: 11 Oct 2014

Amy Jones

Amy was pleased to tell Pete that she had passed her Part 2 Driving Instructor training test on 14 May at Atherton.  Really pleased for you Amy looking forward to the Part 3 training.

Date added: 11 Jun 2014

Mike Fowler

Congratulations to Mike who passed the Part 2 of his Driving Instructor test on 8 May at Sale on his first attempt!  Well done. Mike text me to say "..thanks again for all the help through the ADI Part 2 stuff.  You're a briliant coach!!  Looking forward to Part 3 now".

Date added: 11 Jun 2014

Charlie Fitton

Another FIRST TIME PASS with PETE!  Well done Charlie.  On Thursday 20 March Charlie passed her test at Rochdale.  Once again Pete was allowed to sit in and yet again he saw some excellent driving.  Congratulations Charlie.

Date added: 26 Mar 2014

Sam Broadhurst

Congratulations To Sam who passed his test at Failsworth on Wednesday 17 April.  Sam neeeded his licence for work so his focus on passing his test was first class from the beginning.  This showed as he only had one minor fault on the test.  Pete sat in and was impressed with the very smooth drive that Sam gave.  All the best for the future!

Date added: 24 Apr 2013

Jonny Spencer

Ohhh... don't know how this one got under the radar but forgot to say Big Well Done to Jonny Spencer for his first time pass on 28 November 2012 at Rochdale.  Pete sat in on the test and watched a great drive with some fantastic advanced driving by Jonny.  Pass Plus was great fun building on what he had learnt prior to the test.

Date added: 10 Jan 2013

Ellis Hudson

Hi my name is Ellis Hudson and I am learning with Pete.  

I really enjoy learning with him because he gives handouts for me to learn and look over, as well as quizzes and tasks to complete so I don't forget the things I have previously learnt.  He uses a fun approach to driving and answers any questions I have.  I am happy to recommend Pete to anyone.

Date added: 02 Nov 2012

Vicky Pitts-Drake

Well done to Vicky Pitts-Drake who passed her test FIRST TIME to day at rochdale test centre.

Vicky you were cool, calm and confident and it showed in your drive, really pleased for you.

Vicky said that "she'd really enjoyed learning with you" and I have to say it was great helping you reach your goal Vicky.


Date added: 08 Aug 2012