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After Your Test - What Next?

Passing your test is only the beginning to your driving career. The following courses are available for those who have just passed their test as well as those who have been driving for some time.

Pete has been trained and is qualified to help people improve their driving after they had passed their test as well as up to that initial test.  Pete has over 10 years advance driving experience and training to assist you further with your driving skills.

Motorway Driving

If you have just passed your test, you can now drive on the motorway and people that ask for help and training in this area are very wise indeed. 

The motorway is a very different driving environment. Pete would recommend to every new driver that they have a 2 hour lesson on the motorway after passing your test,  but for many people it may just be that they need to build their confidence with motorway driving and Pete can help you brush up on those skills.

Contact Pete to discuss how he can assist you.

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Pass Plus

This is a course designed to enhance your driving after your test.  Great news you don’t need to take a further test at the end!

So why should I do Pass Plus? – This course is recommended because you will be taken on different types of road that you may not have previously had the opportunity to experience while learning.  Areas covered by this course include:

This course is provided at very reasonable rates. Contact Pete to discuss.

Refresher Courses

From time to time we all need to refresh ourselves with what we have learnt or to update our knowledge.  Driving is no different and Pete respects people who ask for this help.  Pete will make you feel more confident and comfortable with your driving, whether this is just for an hour to confirm what you are doing is correct or for longer if you wish to enhance or practise any specific driving skills.  Take the opportunity to contact Pete and find out more.

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Eco Driving

Want to save £££££’s on your driving?  Then you need Pete’s Eco Drive course.  Save fuel and money with lots of down to earth advice and ideas from Pete – contact Pete to discuss further.

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Fleet Driver Training

As a registered DVSA trainer Pete is able to help reduce business running costs, risk-assess employees who are business drivers and use his knowledge as a speed awareness trainer to help your business fulfil its legal obligations.  A variety of training can be offered in this area so contact Pete to discuss your needs.