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Learning to Drive

Once you are ready to become a Learner Driver you will need to consider what is required to obtain a full driving licence.

Theory including the Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

You will need to pass a theory test before you can take your final practical test.    Once obtained the theory test remains valid for two years within which time you must pass your practical test otherwise you will have to do a retake.  The theory test is divided into two sections which are completed at the same time and are as follows:

You need to pass both tests at the same time to successfully complete your theory.

These tests are taken at designated test sites. You can book your test directly with the DVSA or phone 0300 200 1122.. 

Don’t be tempted to use some of the sites on the internet as they can charge you an additional booking fee that is as much as £30!  If you should need to change your test date you can do so on the Gov.UK website

Changes do occur to the theory so check out the DVSA Facebook site for the latest information or go to the Gov.UK website or ask Pete.

Pete will be able to help you with this part of your learning.  Pete is qualified in teaching adult learners and can give you support and guidance on how to approach this aspect of your test.  Much of the theory is applicable to the driving instruction and is included as part of the learning process.  Pete can provide handouts and questionnaires that cover a variety of topics and are there to develop your driving knowledge.

Practical Test

Passing your practical test is your ultimate goal in learning to drive.  The practical test is designed to confirm you can drive in a controlled manner and carry out manoeuvres on the road in a safe and effective manner that is courteous to all road users.

Pete, as your driving instructor, is there to help you to pass this test after teaching you how to fulfil the requirements above. 

How long an individual takes to be ready to for the practical test varies from one person to another.  Pete aims to tailor his teaching to individual learners but the rate of learning does vary quite considerably. Pete has had people who have passed with fewer than the average number of lessons as stated by the DVSA. And others who have needed a bit more practice. The DVSA state that successful candidates usually have 45 hours with an ADI and 22 hours of private practice.

However much practice you need Pete will be supporting you all the way using modern coaching techniques to help improve your driving in the shortest possible time.

For more information about the Practical Test, look at the Gov.UK website.

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