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Getting Started

So what do you need to learn to drive?

UK driving licence

You will need to obtain a provisional driving licence to allow you to drive a car, you can apply before you are aged 17 but it is only valid when once you are aged 17 or over. 

An application can be made direct on line via the Gov.UK website.  You will receive two parts to your licence - a plastic card with your photo id and a paper part.  The paper part is important and must be carefully retained as this will be needed for future official purposes.  The provisional licence is up graded to a full car licence when you pass your practical test.

Qualified and approved driving instructor

It important you choose an instructor that is able to meet your individual needs.  Pete is a fully qualified and approved driving instructor (ADI) and is licensed by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).  Your instructor should be reliable, helpful, polite and interested in improving you individually.  For Pete communicating well with his students is essential and he encourages students to contribute to their learning process.

Practice and supervision with your provisional driving can be undertaken by relatives and friends who are fully licenced drivers.   This can be useful once the initial training is underway and the learner wishes to gain additional road experience outside lessons.  Pete can offer guidance to other drivers who wish to support new learners.

What about Insurance?

Appropriate insurance is essential.  As a DVSA licensed instructor, Pete has the relevant insurance to cover all his students so there is no problem whilst you are under his instruction.  However, if you want to practice privately in a relatives or friends car, then you will need insurance that covers them and you as a learner driver.

There are a number of insurance companies that offer the appropriate insurance. A good start is Collingwood Insurance Service who offer a range of policies for the learner driver.

The right kind of car

A car of course is an essential requirement!

Pete’s car, a Seat Ibiza, has dual controls for your safety, air conditioning for your comfort and is well maintained for reliability.  If you drive in any other vehicle you should make sure it is road legal. For more general motoring information you will find the Gov.UK website interesting.

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